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Squirrel Wingsuit Rentals

Flown by many of the world’s best wingsuit pilots, Squirrel Wingsuits offer advanced engineering and forward-looking design. Our Squirrel rental line includes suits appropriate for both beginner and intermediate jumpers including the GÜS, Swift 3, Sprint, and ATC.

  • GÜS (5+ Jumps)

    Güs is the mini-Funk! Güs is a beginner suit that loves expert tricks. With slightly less surface area than the F3, it is an accessible & beginner-friendly design that will launch your flying to higher levels. Güs is great for pilots who want an easy intro to flocking and carving / acrobatic flying. Compared to the F3, Güs features less arm wing surface area and a slightly narrower leg stance. All other features are the same.

    Ideal for beginner to intermediate progression in the hands-free category.

    • Beginner suit with expert trick capabilities
    • Fully customizable internal pressure
    • New foot-cavity design and construction
    • Unmatched ease for instability recovery
    • Removable hand-strap system


  • Swift 3 (10+ Jumps)

    Swift 3 is an ideal first wingsuit choice after your First Flight Course. The SWIFT 3 is an all-around suit that excels with maximum versatility, agility and performance within the beginner-intermediate suit class. Upgrades since the SWIFT 1 & 2, make the S3 more agile and precise, feeling slicker with lower-drag, thanks to profile revisions, new low-drag inlets, and a refined foot cavity design. On the S3, the added surface at the wing root allows for smoother transitions from belly to back fly positions and it makes backflying incredibly easy.

    Swift 3 – Best In Class Agility, Speed, and Glide

    • Accessible performance
    • Refined profile
    • New leading edge construction
    • Near-CG Surface Area Distribution
    • Incorporates Performance Class Features


  • Funk 3 (70+ Jumps)

    The FUNK 3 is an all new design inspired by Zun’s vision and our latest generation performance suits. In the hands-free category, no other suit delivers as much range, speed, and glide performance – all of which translates to increased power and agility in maneuvers. The F3 is for wingsuit pilots who want an easy hands-free design that delivers a higher level of performance.

    Funk 3 – More Range, More Fun

    • Fully customizable internal pressure
    • New foot-cavity design and construction
    • New planform and profile
    • New removable hand-strap
    • Class-leading performance
    • New Airfoil Cross Section (removable)


  • ATC (80+ Jumps)

    The ATC is essentially a “mini-FREAK” suit. It is “big” enough to fly a formation with FREAKs and “small” enough to flock with SWIFTs & FUNKs with the added benefit of additional range, speed and glide. This “mini-FREAK” has surprising performance for its size.

    ATC – The Biggest Little Suit, Ever

    • The only intermediate class suit that flies easily with advanced designs
    • Unmatched performance in the intermediate class
    • Perfect for pilots moving up from beginner suits
    • Experience real flare power, glide, and speed
    • Easy step up for pilots of “gripperless” designs
    • Clean and simple BOC access


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