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Wicked Wingsuits Reviews

It is our aim to provide quality wingsuits and exceptional service to every customer. Read Wicked Wingsuits reviews to see what our customers have to say about their experience with us.

Carlos F. – Facebook

If you play your cards right your wingsuit rental includes a jump with one of the members of the WW Competition Team - Mine was with Simon. Thanks for a great rental and for having a suit that actually *fits* me. You guys are awesome sauce.

Anonymous – Google Review

Rented T-Bird for a short trip to Eloy (my R-Bird was being manufactured at that time). Awesome customer service - got the detailed recommendations not only about the rental wingsuit but also about the new one. Prompt delivery - right on time, had extra time to switch it if didn't like it (but I did!). Crispy like-new cool-colored wingsuit came with adjustable zippers so I could fit it well (not all the bellies are created equal :-)) Got a discounted return shipment. Got some free stuff and no-hassle return label and packaging. BTW, good safety instructions for newbies are included too - never hurts to refresh it. Had a great fun flying this wingsuit in Eloy! Will rent it again (want to get a couple dozens more jumps on it before switching to R-Bird). Can make a reservation for the model in advance! Now whenever I want to upsize it or just to try a new model - I know where to get it!

Gary B. – Facebook

Great staff. Very qualified and good at customer service.

Dustin S. – Facebook

Travis does a awesome job coaching and Wicked Wingsuits has a great selections of high quality suits to fly! Highly recommended!

Joe N. – Facebook

Superb all around! This was the perfect way to help get my wings wet and figure out what I'll be buying. As a belly flyer for many years, I wasn't sure about what I'd need or want when it came to wingsuiting. I've rented and jumped 3 of their suits over the past 3 months and now have a much better idea of what I want to buy. Top notch service! Thank you!


I got my first taste of flight on an Intro and was able to order an R-Bird without needing to spend money on intermediate suits, thanks!

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