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Born in Spain and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico Jorge is an adventure seeker at heart. His motto is, “I work to live” which he demonstrates by enjoying everything he does. His ongoing goal is to see the world. After graduating from college, Jorge used his first paycheck to make his first skydive in 2000. Currently, with just under 3,000 jumps, Jorge is a videographer at Skydive Carolina and has past experience in 4-way (Carolina Dynamic) and 8-way (Black Ice) competition teams. Some of you may know him for his participation as an organizer for CarolinaFest.


With a passion for service and detail, Cristina will be sure to take care of all your Wicked Wingsuiting needs. Cristina was born in Manhattan and raised in Mexico, Venezuela and Puerto Rico (where Jorge and she met as kids). They both understand the importance of working hard to play hard. Cristina is a Physician Assistant and a mom with a passion for travel and photography.


Here’s Travis! Wingsuit coach and organizer at Skydive City in the winter and full on boogie junkie in the summer representing Wicked Wingsuits. Five years in the sport and 1100 skydives. Participant in the FL state Wingsuit record and loves to compete in Wingsuit performance cups.

Anthony "Kid"

Anthony is as passionate about skydiving as anyone you’ll meet. Presently, Anthony has just over 900 jumps and recently finished 10th place in his first performance competition and quickly jumped to 4th place in the first wingsuit performance nationals against some of the world’s best wingsuit pilots at Chicagoland Skydiving Center. He also won first place at the 2015 Wingolympics at SummerFest and first place at the 3rd US Wingsuit Acrobatic Event at Chicagoland Skydiving Center. He is a USPA Coach and USPA Tandem Instructor with a Strong Tandem Rating to make some spare change.

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