Frequently Asked Questions

Your Wingsuit Rental Questions Answered


What qualifications must you have to rent a wingsuit?

You must have at least have 200 skydives (verified with a logbook), a USPA C-license, and participate in a First Flight Course with a qualified wingsuit coach.

Is it Possible to Rent a Wingsuit Not Having Jumped a Wingsuit Before?

You will need to have a qualified wingsuit coach to complete a First Flight Course but we have beginner suits available and appropriate for your first couple jumps.

Rental Details

What Suits Do You Have in Stock?

At Wicked Wingsuits we are pleased to offer beginner to intermediate selections from TonySuits and Squirrel Suits. Please contact us to discuss suit details!

How Do I Rent A Suit?

It’s simple! Submit your information on our online rental form, we talk, and we mail the suit to you! Get started here!

Once we have confirmed the order and we’re ready to mail your suit, we’ll send you an invoice. You then pay for:

  • the entire rental period;
  • shipping to the location you gave & insurance of your choice via Fedex three-day service (around $50); and
  • return shipping & insurance to our warehouse via Fedex three-day service
How Does Shipping Work?

Your wingsuit will be sent via FedEx with standard 3-day shipping. We typically ship on Mondays so you have your suit for the weekend. The suit will need to be shipped the Monday after the 5th weekend to avoid any late fees. An extra bag will be included in the package for the return shipment.

How Long Is The Wingsuit Rental Period?

The wingsuit rental period is a block of 5 weekends.

Can I Extend the Wingsuit Rental?

Yes! If you are enjoying the suit and would like to keep it longer just call or email and we will take an additional payment from you to cover just the extra block.

How Does Pricing Work?

Pricing for wingsuit rentals is $200 for 5 weekends + plus shipping. Standard shipping is $50 (includes return shipping). For 6+ month rentals, the wingsuit rental fee goes down to $125 per month plus shipping.

Are There Penalty Fees If I'm Late Returning the Suit?

In most cases, your rental block will end on a Sunday. This allows you time to drop off the suit at FedEx on Monday using that included three-day service. If the suit doesn’t get to us in time for the following weekend, then we will impose a $75 fee. Each additional 7 days the suit is late will result in an additional $75 fee. Any and all costs incurred in collecting the suit from you will be charged to you — meaning if we have to drive cross country to your DZ, we will give you our gas bill! Just play nice and if you want to keep it longer, give us a call and we will figure something out. Once the suit has been AWOL from us for more than 14 days we will consider it stolen and the recovery process will begin.

  • 5 days late – $75
  • Every 7 days after that – another $75
Are Measurements Important? What if the Suit Doesn't Fit?

Yes! The most accurate measurements will help us determine which suit will fit you best.

As soon as the suit arrives TRY IT ON.  If it doesn’t fit, give us a call. We will cover the return shipping and discuss options with you. However, if you keep it for the weekend and then on Sunday afternoon you suddenly find the fit isn’t great we will have to come to a different arrangement.

What Happens If the Suit Gets Damaged?

We expect general wear and tear on the suits. They are built TOUGH for this reason. Seams separating and zippers blowing are par for the course. Just let us know before the damage gets worse and we can figure something out.

Most serious damages come from people putting the booties on well before boarding the plane and walking around in the suit. Damage to booties and tail are NOT covered as wear and tear and actual costs will be charged to you. It is easy to prevent. Don’t drag the tail and don’t put booties on until you are in the loading area.

DO NOT make a bad choice because you are concerned about damaging the suit.  We would rather have to hear a good story about a ripped up suit with you OK than hear about you hurting yourself trying to get back from a long spot to save the suit.

Can I Share My Rental Suit With A Friend?

If you are generous enough to share the suit with your buddies then we insist you get them to register with us and complete a waiver. We don’t want any complex situations where you lend a suit to someone and then they get themselves in a pickle. Ask anyone that is going to use the suit to fill in the webform and to make a note of their intent to borrow your rented suit, we will take care of the rest.  If they are not qualified we will deny them use of the suit and so should you!

Can I BASE jump with a Rented Suit?

Nope. Rental suits are only meant for skydiving.

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