Wingsuits For Rent

TonySuits & Squirrel Suits

Available Wingsuits To Rent

Wicked Wingsuits offers a complete line of wingsuits for rent from leading manufacturers Squirrel and TonySuits. With a range of styles to choose from, you can easily find a suit that fits your skill level and chosen discipline. Our wingsuits are also great for posing in before, during, after, or instead of jumping! 

  • Squirrel Suits

    Squirrel Wingsuits Available for Rent:

    • GÜS
    • SWIFT 3
    • FUNK 3
    • ATC

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  • TonySuits

    TonySuits Available for Rent:

    • I-BIRD
    • T-BIRD
    • T-BIRD 2
    • R-BIRD
    • R-BIRD 2
    • S-BIRD

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