Wanna fly?

Get your first flights in on a beginner/ intermediate wingsuit while waiting for your custom ordered wingsuit to be built.

Our mission is to help foster the sport of wingsuit flying by providing up to date Tonysuit Wingsuits for rental.

We rent and sell quality TonyWingsuits. You can rent a wingsuit for many reasons: if you are waiting for one to be built, have a wingsuit event to go to but don't have a wingsuit, want to get experienced enough to fly a high performance wingsuit, or you just want to look cool in one of our "logoed" wingsuits.

Team Members


Simon Repton

Priscilla Repton

Travis Mickle

Here's Travis! Wingsuit coach and organizer at Skydive City in the winter and full on boogie junkie in the summer representing Wicked Wingsuits. Five years in the sport and 1100 skydives. Participant in the FL state Wingsuit record and loves to compete in Wingsuit performance cups.

Patrick Reuter

Patrick lives in the sky. He has been a paragliding pilot since 1989 and started skydiving in 2009. Patrick opened Wicked Wingsuits in Europe three years ago, headquarteted in Interlaken, Switzerland. As an SES wingsuit coach, he gives courses and coaching sessions and organizes wingsuit flocks.


Reto is a Swiss Skydive Wingsuit Trainer. He organizes performance competitions, load organizer at boogies, and is a freefall photographer. He has participated for over 10 years in the sport and has 1400+ skydives.His home dropzone is Skydive Switzerland in Reichenbach and he has brought many new pilots into the fascinating sport. He’s co-owner of Wicked Wingsuits Europe.

Roberta Mancino


Dominik Wicki

Dominik grew up in the middle of the beautiful mountains and lakes of Switzerland. Since 15years he is playing almost every day the gravity and elements with paragliders, speedflyers, parachutes, wingsuits or surfboards. He is representing these sports in movies or promotion projects. He did a BASE jump with almost 4 minutes flight time with his wingsuit from the Jungfrau mountain.

James Boole

James has been wingsuit flying for over a decade with 2500 wingsuit flights from aircraft and mountains all over the world. His lowest wingsuit flight was from the 876' feet New River Gorge bridge, his highest from an aircraft at 28,000' over the Czech Republic!

Omnia Ibrahim

Omnia calls Skydive Chicago home and has 400 wingsuit jumps, mostly on a TonySuits T-Bird. She participated in the 2012 100-way in Perris, CA as well as several USPA state wingsuit records.